viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

Preview in GOOGLE BOOKS !!!

Hi all,

Since a few days is possible a preview of our book 'La Isla de Fuerteventura' - 'The isle of Fuerteventura' in GOOGLE BOOKS. Free access to 50 pages, no membership needed.

The complete book's inlay contains 228 pages in a DIN A4 format (8.25" x 11.70" or 21cm x 30cm), will be printed at full colour, same as the cover and backcover. The book is completly written in three languages, English, German and Spanish.
More about the book's content by clicking HERE.

If you're interested in purchasing this book, please visit the online POD imprint LULU USA -> <- where you can get it in a couple of minutes. The sending needs only a few days. And if you're looking for a present you're right there, too. You can sent the book almost over all the world.

The same you can get by visiting the POD imprint BUBOK SPAIN -> <-, where you can get the book as PDF file, too. After finishing your purchase you can download it instantly. The PDF file is thought for viewing and reading the book on your laptop, pc or Mac.

Within a few days (one or two weeks) you can get the book as electronical book, the denominated eBOOK at LULU USA. The format of 4.25" x 6.875" (10,80cm x 17,5cm) will be adapted at the most common eBOOK READER formats. You can get it as an instant download, once finished your purchase. Keep attent to our announcements on this page.

Now it's your turn. Check it out !!!
Thanks for your visit on FUERTEVENTURAblog. We hope to see you soon again.

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

A book about the Guanches' territories

Hi! We are back!

We beg your pardon for the long work break, but we were very busy during the last months. We have had to finish our fantastic project: a book about the Majorero island, a book about our island of Fuerteventura.

The book has the size DIN A4 (297x210 mm TxW), with 228 pages in full colour and is completely written in three languages, English, Spanish and German.

The book is already offered by the editorial - print shop BUBOK Barcelona ( There you can get it as electronical book as PDF file, too. It's also offered by the american online editorial LULU (
More details are described more at the bottom of this entry. First some informations about the book, like the cover ...

... and the content:

We tell about the history of Fuerteventura and the others of the Islands of the Blissfuls, nowadays called Canary Islands.The history till this day never was written or described in this manner.
Majorero roots emanated from the past, the high influence of the Catholic Church and finally the conqueror's hand in the XVth century, initialising the definite change of the island's destiny and this one of the native population for ever.

The island in images, how it cannot be seen every day!
A lot of panoramic photos in an unique composition. Everyone of them was taken along the island in the last two years; this chapter includes a fast-index and an island map, whereon are indicated the places, where the images have been taken.

All the museums, interpretation centers and other places of common interest are arranged within their corresponding island municipalities, from the north to the south, with detailed maps.

Interesting (historical) descriptions of the buildings and/or mentioned places in this book, completed with fantastic images.

Within every description is indicated the complete and correct name and the settlement or place where it can be found, and there are included the opening hours and closed days, too, where is corresponding.

Where the sponsor is a public provincial or municipal institution, it will be indicated for the reader in one of the head lines of the page by one of the following signs.

We thought, that it's very important to include the information about the accessibility at the museums, centers and other mentioned sights and places for the disabled, with reduced mobility or persons in wheelchairs, older persons and families with children or babies. This information can be found directly in one of the head lines, where is mentioned the buildings' access and the interior's condition, if corresponding, indicated by three diversified signs and which can be distinguished by a simple view. Includes a short description of the obstacle, if corresponding, which could be come up against the visitor.

The chapter of the Historical Patrimony is divided in three important themes, which have had a notable influence in the economics and the main evolution of the island of Fuerteventura.

The compilation of the history of the flour mills, the limekilns and its respective stories, exemplified written and visually completed with images, which nowadays counts as historical document of the past centuries on this island, turistical exploited in this modern times. A dozen of windmills and about 150 of limekilns still give evidence of past times.
The hermits and churches are valuable narrators of an era, dominated by the Catholic Church. The chapter of 'Christian Buildings' stands as reference for the hermits and Parish churches on the Majorero territory, completed with many beautous photos.

Welcome to the island of Fuerteventura!

If you turned curious, have a look to the Internet page of BUBOK Spain or LULU USA Both offer this book already. As soon as the print office terminated with its job, the book will be offered in the island's shops, libraries and kiosks, too. And shortly the book can be ordered in libraries all over the world.

We're just working on the second book about this paradise island. The content is still a secret, but we promise, that it will have very interesting themes, too, like the actual book.

See you soon!

jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009

And the world gets coloured

Here you can download a screensaver with the most exciting sunset views over my island. A compilation of more than 30 photos of the almost left day. A fantastic mix and absolutely free.

The screensaver can be downloaded from the Windows SkyDrive server, as self installing version (for OS up to WIN XP) or direcly as screensaver file (for WIN Vista and newer and MAC OS).

Here's the download link to the Windows SkyDrive server (will open a new window):


... or you can mark, copy and paste the following whole link in a new window:

Every version need two files:

  • + .002
  • + .002

On your pc should have been installed a program for extracting compressed files, like WINZIP, WINRAR or 7ZIP. I recommend 7ZIP for Windows users, it's freeware and you can download it from, or the program ZIPEG for MAC users. The download link you will find below on the same page.

These programs compile the file fractions automatically. After this click on the install file (.exe) or open with a right mouse click the context menu and look for the “install”entry (.scr).

Enjoy it!

Soon more...

If you like the screensaver and our blog, please tell it everyone!

Un saludo from the FUERTEVENTURABLOG-team

martes, 5 de mayo de 2009

Rich Majorera Island

f there's mentioned Fuerteventura, mostly it is associated with xeric, beach holidays and windsurfing.

Once you explored this island more precisely?

On a lot of places along the isle is maintained alive the history of the past 600 years. Emblematic buildings from the last epochs are being restored and preserved, because these are the last silent attestors of the past time.

The mountain cuttings and barrancos are most fascinating, where the sea impede its enlargements. The coastal regions at the Barlovento (the West coast) are always in motion, creating endless and unique sceneries, are places to breathe deeply, while the long fine sand beaches at the Sotavento (the East coast) invite to relax, walking and playing.

Romantics will find the best moments just in the last minutes of the twilight, this moment, when the sun seems all in a dark red colour tone, when the eye sees the sand, the sea and the sky downright burning.

We caught this moments, places and unique scenes and published them in a book series. There are published so far three editions, subtitled in four languages – Spanish, English, German and Italian.

The books are to be sold by the printing press BUBOK in Barcelona, Spain and can be ordered easily on their website, The books are about 22,9 cm x 17,8 cm (9.02 in x 7.01 in) landscape, completely coloured and every book contains 52 images on 58 pages. Some pages can be previewed on the website of the print office. Your order will be delivered directly to domicile, all over the world.

Links for the English editions (will open in new window):

title: FueRTeVeNTuRa iMPReSSioNS

title: FueRTeVeNTuRa iMPReSSioNS 2

title: FueRTeVeNTuRa iMPReSSioNS 3

... or you can direct yourself to the website of BUBOK and looking for “Fuerteventura” in the search panel.

The webpage is in Spanish language, however it's easy to navigate and the use is very intuitive. If you need a fast translator, see for, or send an email to We're glad to help you.

Note: This books are published by the print office BUBOK, and therefore we're not able to applicate any discount. If you're holding a voucher, please keep it until we've published our new book about the history of Fuerteventura. The bookwill be published by ourself. Thank you for your comprehension.

You prefer the books as PDF files? Please send an email to and we will send you back a bank account number in Spain and our PayPal-ID (, if you prefer to pay by credit card or without fees for sending money.

You will get an email with a download link and the password to open the file. You will need a fast internet connection, because of the wheight of the download files is about 110 MB for each book. The pricing for every PDF-book is 6,50 €uro (about 5.75 £), the package for all three books 17,00 €uro (15.00 £). We accept payment in british pounds in PayPal. No additional charges.

If you like to order the three books on DVD, please add 6,00 €uros (5.30 £) for sending fees (EU), or 4,00 €uro (3.55 £) for sendings within Spain.

For more information, please contact with We'll respond as fast as possible. Thanks for your interest.

jueves, 30 de abril de 2009

Meeting points

Here a listing of cafeterias and bars, where you can preview the video while you're enjoying your coffee or a refreshing drink, and the bazaars and shops, where the video DVD can be acquired.

In the cafeterias and bars the video can be enjoyed on big flatscreens ...

Costa Calma
  • Cafetería Bar Avenida, in the cafeteria-bar behind the taxi rank, beside the police station; you can acquire the DVD directly there
  • Cafetería Fuerte Action, in the shopping centre El Palmeral; you can get the video DVD in the upper plant at the kiosk (the newsstand)
  • Restaurant Arenas, in the shopping centre Bahía Calma, across from the supermarket Padilla; you can adquire it there, too
  • Jardín Zoológico Stella, just at the entrance of Jandía; the video is exposed before the beginning of the daily shows (11:00 a.m. !) on bigscreens; you can acquire the video directly there

... soon more ...

domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

3 - 2 - 1 - ReaDY !!!

We've driven hundreds of kilometers over the island, shooted thousands of photos and spent hours and hours at the pc to choice and compile the photos with adequate background music.

The result: Our first video of the island with marvellous images and soft background music is finished. Enjoy 45 minutes of fantastic impressions of this isle, compiled as DVD video.
Let you take for a visit into another world, a world of dreams.

Technical data:

  • DVD video PAL system 4:3 (european TV system)
  • duration 45 mins, full compiled with background music
  • music composed by Double-Click Studios Germany
  • more than 400 HQ images
  • DVD-box (flip-box)
  • voucher for discount on future publications

(Pay attention please on the next publication of our first book about the island! An upcoming bestseller!)

You can acquire the DVD in several shops on the island (here a listing of the bazaars and shops) or directly from us.
For this, please send an email to or and we'll send you a bank account number in Spain or our PayPal-account-ID (
The DVD has a pricing of 16,00 €uro (about 14.50 £; please see the daily price; payments by PayPal will be efectuated in british pounds), sendings within the Canary Islands and to the Iberian Peninsula (including Portugal, Andorra and the Belearic Islands) are free of charge.

You can use this DVD as filling background for expositions, as complement for your shop-window or as videoclip for your bar - there are no limits.
And if you think you already have seen all of the island - let you take by surprise!